I was wondering if there was any historical information regarding the WRAC Platoon (Richmond) that was an integral part of the 3rd Battalion The Queens Regiment there is some suggestion that the deployment of that Platoon in NI went some way to further the cause of females being on the front line. I was at the time the RSM of that particular battalion.
Date of Posting: 09 March 2015
Posted By: John Edwards

I was at Guildford February 1988 and then Bovington until 1991. Anyone out there that remembers me?? Trying to track down especially Ginnie Ward from Guildford training and Krys Whitehouse & Nikki Brown from Bovington. x
Date of Posting: 25 February 2015
Posted By: Marie Timmons (nee SHOBBROOK)
Hi Mary Kirwan, yes I remember you from Rheindahlen! I was there 1975/76. Was Cpl. Jill Brunton
Date of Posting: 25 February 2015
Posted By: Gillian Kirk(nee Brunton)
hello I was in the WRAC my number is W0457872 I joined in April 1976, I was hoping to find Dee she joined the signals and I was with the RAOC, we were good mates and was in Germany together, after that we lost touch, if memory serves me she lived in a place in the north area.
If anyone knows her can you ask her to contact me please
Date of Posting: 25 February 2015
Posted By: Jo Allison
for Ron Nicholls.
I was Lynn Whittaker when I spent November and December 1963 at Lufton/Houndstone Camps at Yeovil. We lived in the wooden 'spider'huts on one side of the road and had to march down the lane to the training huts on the other side of the road. I trained as a clerk learning how to type filing,duplicating and telephone procedures. I do not remember much more and I do not have any photographs, my ex burned most of them. I was a Clerk Grade III General Duties and my first posting was to Camp HQ Scotco on 1st Jan 1964, not a good day to turn up in Scotland.
Date of Posting: 20 February 2015
Posted By: Lynn James
Hi to Mary McGinn
I too remember June Boardma and Geordie Whitehead, I was also at Guilford, Catterick, Boddington and Hong Kong during the dates mentioned I was then posted to Germany on finishing my 6 years service I married.
Whilst in Hong Kong was joined by my sister Pat (our surname was then O'Shaughnessy) who has since died.
On my first visit to this site was surprised to find a link to my WRAC days if you see this posting I would be pleased to hear from you if you remember me.
Date of Posting: 20 February 2015
Posted By: Maureen McGinn
I have just started to research Houndstone and Lufton Camps in Yeovil. I have found that there is remarkably little known about the history or , the personnel who served there. I know from my own experience that many of you girls were there on courses, clerical and driver training. I was in the RASC at Houndstone Camp 50 years ago almost to the month. If I were to ask if any of you who were there 1965ish have any old photographs, memories etc. would you be willing to contact me. As yet, I have not found one of you who served there The camp is long gone but I don't think we are! I married one of the girls but she was never at Yeovil. Email bargemaster@live.co.uk
Date of Posting: 20 February 2015
Posted By: Ron Nicholls
Hi, I hope someone can help me.

My late mother, Rosa Robinson (also known by her adopted surname of Riley) died leaving many gaps in my knowledge of her early life. She was a complex woman. i'm hoping to get in touch with people who remember her to get to know her better in death than I ever did in life.

She was raised in Audley in Staffs and served at least sometime in the WRAC at any point between 1959 and 1965. I'm hoping someone remembers her. I wish I had more to go on and therefore jog some memories but that's all I have about her army career. Sorry.

I can be contacted via email at douglaswatson@hotmail.co.uk

Date of Posting: 20 February 2015
Posted By: Doug Watson
For Patricia Cammock 'nee Keane

Hello Pat, I have just found this site and saw your message. This is the first time I have seen the words Saighton Camp for years. I did my basic training at Guilford in May 1961 and went to Cattrick at the beginning of June 1961 for 6 months training and then went to Saighton Camp in November 1961. Because I joined on my 17th birthday, (they told me I was the youngest ever to join) I wasn't posted overseas to Cyprus in 1963. My memory for names was never very good but I am sure we must have known each other. Would love to hear from you
Date of Posting: 03 February 2015
Posted By: Maureen McLuckie
Hi am trying to get in touch with Rosean mc Donald who was posted to Bicester in the 80s would love to hear from you miss our Saturday nights get in touch any one who has any info thank you sandy
Date of Posting: 01 February 2015
Posted By: G raham Sandison

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